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For enlisted military personnel and officers, finding out you are facing an involuntary discharge for misconduct or poor performance is devastating. Years of commitment, hard work and sacrifice are placed in the hands of an administrative board that will essentially determine what will happen to your professional reputation, career and benefits.

If you are faced with the prospect of an involuntary discharge from the New Jersey National Guard Base, the U.S. Coast Guard Training Center Cape May or another military institution, it is important to understand your rights and realize that you have options. The Cody Law Firm in Hammonton, New Jersey, represents members of all branches of the U.S. armed services who face involuntary administrative separation as well as officers ordered to show cause for their retention before a board of inquiry. If you receive an other than honorable discharge (OTH), you could face:

  • Loss of Veterans Affairs (VA) benefits
  • Loss of severance pay
  • Loss of tuition for which you may have been eligible under the GI Bill
  • Possible negative effects on your ability to find civilian employment

Our military discharge lawyers will work diligently to obtain a positive outcome, whether that is retention of your service or separation with an honorable or general discharge.

Administrative Separation Board Hearings

Enlisted military personnel have the right to a board hearing if they have at least six years' active duty or are threatened with an other than honorable discharge. The process often begins with a command investigation that looks into alleged misconduct or perceived lack of performance. It is important to seek representation as soon as possible when you find out about the possibility of an administrative separation board.

Board Of Inquiry For Military Officers

In situations involving officers, the board of inquiry is charged with determining whether alleged misconduct or substandard performance occurred and whether the circumstances justify separation from the service. The board will consist of senior officers and is typically convened after an incident occurs that damages the reputation of the officer or the branch.

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