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Tips for maintaining a military marriage in New Jersey

Learning military marriage tips can not only help keep a marriage together, but strengthen it as well as both spouses learn how to communicate and grow.

No marriage is easy, but being married to someone in the military can be especially difficult. New Jersey couples in which one spouse is a member of the military would do well to learn a few tips for sustaining and building their marriage to better avoid a military divorce. The right tips can prove essential.

Check-in several times a week

While it is good for spouses in any type of marriage to communicate with each other every day, those in a military marriage have to take things a step further. In addition to checking in with each other verbally throughout the week, military spouses should be sure to check in with each other emotionally as well. Not only that, but military spouses should also ask if there is anything they can do to better take care of each other while apart.

Do not stay in the house

It is best the spouse not deployed stay occupied, which often means getting out of the house. Staying cooped up day in and day out can lead to feelings of restlessness, which is sure to impact a person's mood, which is sure to show during the check-ins mentioned above. Getting out of the house and building a life while one spouse is deployed creates emotional and mental balance.

Leave expectations at the door

This piece of advice works with any type of marriage or relationship. It is normal and understandable to have certain expectations going into a marriage, but things do not always turn out like one plans. Having intentions rather than expectations can go a long way in avoiding disappointment, arguments and a number of other complications common to soured military marriages.

Make the most of moving around

Relocation is common in the military, and spouses should make the most of not living in a place for very long. It is a good idea to make a list of local activities, sights and locations to check out. This gives both spouses something to look forward to when they arrive in a new area and can make a move more adventurous.

Head disaster off at the pass

Rather than wait for problems and bad times to come, it is best to plan for them beforehand. Talking with other military couples can be a good way to know what roadblocks to expect and how to navigate them while making a marriage stronger. Without a proper plan, there is a greater chance of one spouse saying or doing the wrong thing or sending the wrong message.

When military marriages run into trouble in New Jersey, bringing in a lawyer could help smooth the waters.

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