Case Results

Disclaimer: The recent case results below are provided for your review. The result of each case depends greatly upon the particular facts of the case. This listing is for informational purposes only. It is not intended and should not be used to forecast the result in any future case.

Administrative Separation Board And Board Of Inquiry

  • A U.S. Marine Reserve captain tested positive on a random urinalysis and confessed to command representatives to wrongful use of marijuana. The captain was ordered to show cause before a board of inquiry. Following presentation of evidence of extraordinary circumstances, including a praiseworthy war record, board members recommended and the secretary approved a general (under honorable conditions) discharge.
  • Petitioned the Board of Corrections for Naval Records in the case of a former U.S. Navy petty officer who had been separated from the service for commission of a serious offense.
  • In the case of a Navy petty officer charged at a special court-martial with reckless endangerment and destruction of government property, filed numerous pretrial motions that resulted in dismissal of all charges. When the command attempted to separate the member at an administrative separation board for the same misconduct, the attorneys of The Cody Law Firm appeared before the board, whose members concluded after deliberations that the evidence did not support the basis for separation. Following further adverse command action taken in retaliation against the petty officer for the exercise of his legal rights, the firm assisted the petty officer in the filing of a Complaint of Wrongs under Article 138, UCMJ against his commanding officer. The Article 138 complaint was successful and the petty officer was ultimately vindicated.

Appealing Courts-Martial

  • Successfully appealed administrative demotion action and denial of re-enlistment in the case of an Air Force chief master sergeant who had been the subject of arbitrary and capricious command action.

Military Drug Offenses

  • Filed an appeal with the Navy-Marine Corps Court of Criminal Appeals in the case of a Marine private first class who had pleaded guilty before a special court-martial to various military and drug offenses. Through expert evaluation and gathering of post-trial evidence, successfully raised issues of mental responsibility.
  • Represented a Marine lance corporal charged with possession of “Spice” in violation of Marine Corps Forces order. Through effective use of pretrial discovery tools, the command was forced to withdraw and dismiss all charges.
  • Won an acquittal in a contested members trial by special court-martial in the case of a senior airman charged with use of cocaine following a positive urinalysis result.

Other Cases

  • On behalf of a private company, prepared and negotiated a commercial lease of the Salem Terminal Facilities with the South Jersey Port Corporation.
  • Represented employee in class action lawsuit under the Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938 and New Jersey Wage and Hour Law.
  • Successfully represented a New Jersey corporation in its challenge of the award of a municipal demolition project under the Local Public Contract Law of the State of New Jersey.
  • Effectively represented a New Jersey plaintiff in lawsuit alleging common law and consumer fraud in a dispute over the sale and transfer of real property.
  • Achieved dismissal of all charges on behalf of New Jersey local elected officials wrongfully accused of bribery by political opponents.
  • Profitably advocated the interests of a beneficiary in a dispute with the trust division of a national bank over the management of real property and handling of environmental hazards.
  • Negotiated a particularly favorable settlement on behalf of a New Jersey trucking corporation sued by a national banking institution for liability upon the commercial loan of a predecessor company.

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